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20 Feb 2019

CIEHF award recognising Human Factors research

Dr Thomas Jun has been given the honour of receiving The Richard C Holman Award from the CIEHF (Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors).

Dr Jun is a senior lecturer at the Design School and an expert in human factors, engineering design and service design, and is particularly interested in integrating systems thinking.

The award recognises the research work that Dr Jun has contributed to Human Factors theory and how he illustrates it through animation. He has been involved in working on various projects addressing medication safety, blood transfusion safety, suicide prevention, antibiotics over-prescription, dementia care, ship collision and nuclear incidents. Thomas is very keen to communicate his research-based insights on the nature of complex systems to a broad range of audiences (general public, policymakers, practitioners, media and activists) through highly-praised film and animations.

Thomas will be one of the speakers at the Human Factors Conference 2019 (HFC19) in May 2019, where his animations and films will be available to view. For more on this conference visit HFC19

Congratulations on your award Thomas!