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8 Mar 2019

Dilemmas in Suicide Prevention

Cinematic Storytelling of Human Factors Research - Dilemmas in Suicide Prevention

Based on the collaborative research with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, Dr Thomas Jun and Andre Brito from Loughborough Design School have led the production of a 25min film which translates the research findings into an engaging and powerful story-based film.

This film, which was re-enacted by actors, tells the stories of two patients and their care environments. It reveals the uncertainties and complex dilemmas that healthcare professionals face when caring for patients who are considering taking their lives. The film aims to initiate discussion and conversation for whole-system improvement with various stakeholders including practitioners, managers, policy makers and media.

The film has been produced in partnership with Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (Dr Satheesh Kumar and Dr Fabida Noushad) and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation, and funded by the Patient Safety Collaborative and Health Education England.

See the videos here:

Dilemmas in Suicide Prevention video

Commentary from producers and director