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27 Jun 2019

Success at Starpack Awards

Design School students receive over 20 awards at the Student Starpack competiton.

The Starpack Competition recognises innovation in packaging design and technology with categories for schools, students and industry. The 2019 award ceremony was held this month and there was great success again for Design School students winning 22 awards between them.

Receiving Gold awards were Katie Cray, Naomi Lake, Max Stevens and Alex Dodl. In addition there were 7 silver winners and 4 bronze winners.

Not only was there success amongst the students, but also staff. The Eric Dickens Memorial is given to a  university in recognition of its success and acknowledging that this is indicative of the high quality of packaging design evident. Judges were very impressed with the awards achieved and consistency in the work produced at the Design School. The Design School team won the Erick Dickens Award 2019 The team consists of Dr George Torrens, Module leader; Karl Hurn, Dr Rhoda Trimingham; Nicholas Johnson; Nikki Clark and Salman Asghar. 

Dr George Torrens, module leader for Industrial Design Studies 1 said: “We’re very pleased to be seen to be continuing the high-quality of submissions to the Starpack Competition. It demonstrates the knowledge and processes we provide to our students, combined with their talent makes for high-quality design solutions.” He went on to say: “Most of the winners this year were again our first-year group. It is a credit to their hard work and determination to deliver industry-recognised high-quality designs.”

All winning students are:

Harry Chapman, Katie Cray, Gabriel Davies, Emma Davis, Alex Dodl, Rebecca Edwards, Megan Jackson, Naomi Lake, Rebecca Paradise, William Pell, Amy Phillips, Lucy Pointing, Fintan Pritchard, Catrina Salisbury, Eleanor Saunders, Molly Scanlon and Max Stevens.