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11 Jul 2019

Safe and Smart Mobility website launch

Loughborough University is the leading academic partner of the Smart Mobility Living Lab, and Loughborough Design School is key to the research in Safe and Smart Mobility.

On Monday 1 July 2019 the Journey Makers event was held, organised by the Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL), the world’s most advanced urban testbed for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). The purpose was to provide an opportunity for researchers to see the range of research being conducted across the University. Over 60 people attended from most parts of the University. The SMLL consortium, is using public and private roads in London to develop and validate new mobility and transport technologies in a real-world connected environment.

The Journey Makers event featured two panels of experts covering some of the most topical questions surrounding driverless cars. The first panel discussed the future of transport and the second focused on the future of SMLL and London CAVs.

Senior Research Fellow Tracy Ross from Loughborough’s Design School sat on the second panel with representatives from other SMLL partners - Transport for London, DG Cities, Cisco, TRL, Cubic and London Legacy Development Corporation.

The benefits to the environment and increased safety were discussed, as well as the possibility of more connected transport systems creating more connected communities.

The future of mobility technologies is a government priority and Loughborough University is forming collaboration partnerships with the industries that will facilitate this future.

The event was also the formal launch of the new Safe and Smart Mobility website. The website highlights the ways in which the University is developing research and innovation in safe and smart mobility.