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28 Mar 2019

Robin Spicer wins RedDot award

Designer Robin Spicer has seen his product win a prestigious international RedDot award for preventing injuries in polo.

Robin designed the Armis Helmet as his final year project for his BA Industrial Design and Technology course, from which he graduated in 2015. His love of polo began at the age of six, playing at international level. 

The helmet aims to prevent concussion and recurring injuries, with many falls in polo resulting in strain being placed on the brain. It combines MIPS patented technology that adds a low friction layer between the head and the helmet, developed to add further protection which works to reduce rotational violence on the brain on angled impacts. In a sport where falling, being knocked unconscious and returning to the game shortly after is common, the helmet aims to reduce potentially long-term stress and neck injuries. His inspiration for his design came from being knocked unconscious for more than 20 minutes during a match – the third time he had been knocked unconscious whilst playing.

The RedDot Award, founded in 1955, is one of the largest design competitions in the world. It is split into three sections to cover the wide scope of professional design, with awards given out for product design, brand and communication design and brand concept.

It received over 18,000 submissions this year, with the awards to be formally given out at an awards ceremony in Essen, Germany in July.

Robin’s product, the Armis Polo Helmet, has won the 2019 RedDot Award for Product Design after being launched onto the market in 2017. His design beat off over 5,500 other submissions from 55 countries.

Congratulations Robin.