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7 Oct 2019

User Experience Design Student Attends International Integrated Design Camp in Seoul

MA student Helen Power was one of 80 international students chosen to participate in the 6-day International Integrated Design Camp in Seongnam, Seoul, South Korea in June 2019 exploring the theme “Towards Inclusivity: Smart and Sustainable Cities."

The event was organised by KIDP (Korea Institute of Design Promotion) and President of the camp, Sooshin Choi (CEO & CDO at The Modus Design LLC and Chief Design Officer at DEKA Research and Development).

​Tutors and students were selected from a variety of disciplines, from landscape architects to graphic designers to industrial designers. The event saw the attendees working on briefs in small, interdisciplinary teams, set by tutors form one of 4 categories: Mobility, Security & Safety, Connectivity, and Productivity. The aim was to the explore complex problems that cities present, and to innovate a smarter, more human-centered, sustainable future through design and emerging technology.

Helen commented “It was a fantastic opportunity and I feel really lucky to be chosen to participate”.