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1 Apr 2019

International Design Centre visits Loughborough Design School

As part of their preparation to the Business of Design week, delegates from Hong Kong Design Centre including design professionals, creatives and educators visited the Design School to find out more about the school’s teaching, research and enterprise strengths.

The aim of the meeting was for the delegates to learn more about the latest trends in design, business, technology and education in the UK and as part of their trip to the Midlands, the group will be visiting design industry professionals as well as experts in the Design School.

Business of Design week is one of the most prestigious design weeks in the world, organised by the Hong Kong Design Centre. Their preparations include visiting the top design schools as well as notable brands and leading design consultancies. Every year one country is selected as the partner country for the event. In 2019 the UK has been selected.

Professor Cees de Bont, the Dean of Loughborough Design School has been part of the delegation with Business Design week for the past 7 years. This year, as Dean of a leading UK Design School, Cees’s input is invaluable with his knowledge of UK and worldwide education and industry, and includes visits to companies including DCA and Aston Martin.

Commenting on the visit Professor de Bont said;

“The Hong Kong delegation were impressed by the quality of professors at the School, and the depth of knowledge and experience in 3D printing and additive manufacturing, human factors, experience design and safety. They also acknowledged our workshops, technical staff and students.

Our students from Hong Kong joined the delegation and commented that this was their first choice of Design School and that they love being here.”

The premier annual event on design, innovation and brands, Business of Design Week (BODW) week brings some of the world’s most outstanding designers and influential business figures together. It provides a valuable platform for business and creative leaders to exchange ideas, network, and explore new business opportunities.

The event will take place in December 2019 at The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre