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2 Jul 2019

TOXI-triage - game changing research

TOXI-triage is a pioneering research project that will revolutionise the way emergency services across the world tackle life threatening chemical, biological, radioactive, or nuclear (CBRN) incidents.

It has brought together experts from across Europe to strengthen our readiness for a catastrophic event, by developing new ways to give sound medical care to CBRN casualties amid the confusion, disorder and danger such an incident would bring. In an age where CBRN emergencies, both accidental and deliberate, pose a real threat to society, the project is creating new integrated systems and technologies to aid first responders and ultimately save lives.

Funded by the European Commission, TOXI-triage, which is led by Loughborough, brings together 19 teams from across Europe, spanning the emergency and health services, defence, industry, and university academics.

The Design School team involved in the project was led by Professor Sue Hignett, made the link between the scientists and technology developers and the end users with their Ergonomics and Human Factors research on pre-hospital care, to analyse the system and human interactions that occur in the event of a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear) incident. Having a robust plan for any CBRN incident is the difference between life and death.

Paul Thomas, Professor of Analytical Science from Loughborough’s Department of Chemistry is leading the project overall said: “Over the last four years some of the strongest teams across Europe have been working together to help ensure society can respond to and tackle a CBRN incident in the best possible way.

“TOXI-triage is truly revolutionary and sets to rewrite the way a CBRN incident is managed.”

Last week, the TOXI-triage research showcase was held in London. International experts and influential stakeholders, inlcuding leaders in the NHS, police, military and ambulance attended the research showcase at Altitude 360.

The project is also highlighted in Loughborough University's Game Changers campaign; highlighting how the University's research work makes a real impact and changes people's lives. See here more information on TOXI-Triage and more influential game-changing research.