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7 Jun 2019

Design School Degree Show 2019

All final-year students from Loughborough Design School will be showcasing their final year projects to members of the public, industry and schools.

The show – which opens on Thursday 13 June and runs until Saturday 15 June – will feature a wide variety of projects created by students which provide a service or solution to a problem in society. These include health-related issues, safety in the home, helping the environment and even products designed for thrill-seekers too.

The students who will be exhibiting their products at the show study Innovative Product Design and Technology, Industrial Design and Technology, Ergonomics and Design Ergonomics.

Some of the products featuring this year include Breathe – a chest binder designed to be safer and allow discreet breaks for transgender men and non-binary people, a portable wallet for users who need to keep their medication at a set temperature, and a filter device to remove oil pollutants from marinas and coastal waters.

In addition, there’s the opportunity to see a personal jet suit powered by five turbojet engines, a back brace created for weightlifting athletes that trains the user to develop a better technique to prevent back injury, and a coral regeneration tank that aims to aid the mass replenishment of the world’s coral reefs.

The entire show and the materials used to promote it are organised and created by a dedicated team of final-year student volunteers, who work with members of staff within the School to produce a show that they feel reflects their experience and the way they would want to promote their products.

The Show will be accompanied by a book highlighting all the students’ works with photographs, copy and CAD renders.

Dean of the Design School, Professor Cees de Bont, commented: “We are proud to reveal the design capabilities of our graduating students.

“They have all gone through very intense development and learning in our school and during their company placements. The outcomes not only reveal their design capabilities, but also how they want to utilise those in solving a myriad of practical and social problems and thereby make a contribution to the quality of the lives of people.”

Public viewing of the exhibition is available at the following times:

  • Thursday 13 June – 3pm-6pm
  • Friday 14 June – 10am-6pm
  • Saturday 15 June – 10am-1pm

Find out more about the Design Degree Show here.