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28 Feb 2019

Alumnus Entrepreneur is Guest Speaker

As part of the Personnal Best My Story lecture series, Design School alumnus Edward Williams came back to the University to share his story.

Since graduating in 2011 with a BA in Industrial Design and Technology, Ed has formed the business Candy Kittens with Jamie Laing. Their successful confectionary business is growing and now selling their products in 13 countries, having recently launched in the United States. 

The two founders presernted the lecture, talking to current students about the launch of the business and being inspired by the start-up that is offering a unique brand and striving to deliver an unrivalled customer experience. Ed reminisced on his time as an Industrial Design student at Loughborough and told of how he got involved with Enterprise at the University, which helped provide him an office space for his business upon completing his studies.

Ed and Jamie were honest about challenges that they have faced in setting up the sweet company and talked about the different ways in which they embrace change, challenge and uncertainty, urging the audience to do the same. They emphasised the importance of self-awareness and building your personal brand, whether setting up a business or applying for jobs, in line with the Personal Best programme.