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17 Jan 2018

Students and young members of the community brought together through Design School research project

A Loughborough Design School research project, which aimed to bring students and young people together.

The research project, led and co-ordinated by Design School lecturer Dr Carolina Escobar-Tello in collaboration with Keele University and Coventry University, worked together earlier this year after launching in March 2016.

The project looked to bring together young local and higher education communities through innovative workshops that focused on using arts and theatre approaches to elicit information.

It received funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England Social Innovation Fund and saw the University work with Love LoughboroughTwentyTwentyShelter and a number of high street businesses.

On the Town’s final social innovation event in Loughborough was held at Fearon Hall. The event, titled ‘Pull Your Socks Up’, saw students and young members of Trust explore the town together and answer challenging questions while following a trail map.

Dr Escobar-Tello said: “The most beautiful thing about this project was to see how everyone came together and collaborated out of a volunteering spirit.

“To get to this level of engagement and ultimately to the final social innovation events was not easy, but the journey made it clear that the impact of our collaborations was worth it.

“The best part was meeting community members and listening to their ideas about how to find innovative ways to bring communities and universities together.”


Pull Your Socks Up YouTube Video -