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30 May 2018

Success for Design School student at RSA Awards 2018

Hexplore was developed in response to the brief to design or re-design a consumer toy and its product packaging to eliminate waste, using circular design principles.

Helena’s award-winning design, Hexplore, is a toy to encourage children to interact with nature and the outdoors through exploration and small world play.

Commenting on her winning design, Helena’s says “Children today are probably more disconnected from the natural world than any previous generation. Growing trends in nature play and forest schools, benefit children’s development and health. 

Hexplore consists of seven biodegradable ‘hex’ modules, that can be arranged and used in endless ways – stack, fill, build, invert, etc. - plus explorer challenge cards, spinner and optional downloadable app.

The two largest hexagons hinge and clip together creating a self-contained carry case. Using rope handles, Hexplore is easily transported. Children carry their existing toys within Hexplore to add to their ‘world’– thereby rejuvenating their use. The sleeve is made from 100% recycled cardboard and is repurposed as part of the play experience. Children are challenged to use cards and spinner or downloaded app to initiate exploration and collection of nature.”

Congratulations to Helena and to all the winning entries at this year’s RSA Student Design Awards.