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8 Feb 2018

Plastic Waste Radio Discussion With Dr Rhoda Trimingham

BBC Radio York have been discussing the topical subject of plastic waste. Dr Rhoda Trimingham from Loughborough Design School is an expert in sustainable packaging and design, and was involved in the discussion.

Rhoda highlighted the link between food waste and plastic packaging, as well as the fact that not all plastic is bad. Turning attention to tackling food waste, will undoubtedly reduce our use of plastic within the food sector and understanding food date labels is also key. Her advice was for shoppers to avoid overpackaged food, and select the least complex pack format for their needs, but embrace packaging that avoids food waste.

Raising discussion points regarding refillables and biodegradable options that consumers now have available, as well as noting the current research taking place and what we might see in the future, she highlighted some interesting alternatives. Many household products that we currently buy are made of up to 90% water, so some forward-thinking companies within the cleaning and laundry sectors, have removed the water from their products; now offering small concentrated capsules or pellets which consumers can put in a refillable bottle, and fill up with water from their own tap. This uses up to 95% less plastic and reduces C02 emissions by up to 95% too, as they are not transporting heavy water.

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