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20 Sep 2018

Joyful Journeys - London Design Festival

Dr Luke Harmer from Loughborough Design School has been invited to exhibit outcomes from a recent collaborative project with the Royal College of Art’s Intelligent Mobility Centre at the 2018 London Design Festival.

‘Joyful Journeys’ is a stage of the Choreography of Mobility research project between the RCA and Loughborough University which explores the concept of mobility wellbeing in the transition from materiality to immateriality, from products to services of future mobility designs. The project has been gathering opinions about what makes our journeys enjoyable and how these elements could be preserved in future travel. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to explore other people’s journeys and to describe their own ‘Joyful Journeys’.

The exhibition takes place from 21st- 23 September 2018 at Battersea Village Hall. See more about the exhibition here.