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21 Nov 2018

Design School Graduate at Global Grad Show 2018

The Global Grad Show Dubai is an international exhibition where graduates from Universities from around the world showcase their work; Loughborough University was represented at the event by Design School graduate Pippa Bridges.

The exhibition is set in the Dubai Design District (d3) and is held as part of the annual Dubai Design week. The show highlights the future of design and states that the event is:

“An expo of life changing inventions from the world’s largest design and technology schools”.

Pippa Bridges graduated in 2017 with a 1st Class Industrial Design and Technology BA from Loughborough Design School. She was also successful in winning the James Dyson Foundation Bursary and the RSA Student Design Awards in 2017. She exhibited Infinity Mascara at the Global Grad Show, a design that challenges current mascara tube designs, which are limited to about a six-month lifespan and then thrown into landfill. Her new design proposes a much more sustainable alternative, replacing the disposable mascara tube with a reusable capsule that can be refilled. The applicator brush is also replaced with a fingertip applicator which can last up to 10 years, so significantly reducing environmental and financial waste, plus creating a better user experience.

Pippa explains the ease of applying the mascara with her fingertip brush “it's a shorter element and it's applied like a ring. It's on your fingertip so you've got more dexterity in the first joint”

She adds “the closer range offers more control.”

At the event, the designs were categorised into 3 design areas - connect, empower and sustain. Pippa’s Infinity Mascara was part of the sustain category; highlighting a sustainable alternative to current makeup designs.

Pippa highlights the thoughts behind her design:

"There's a massive waste stream in the cosmetics industry currently. My project tries to tackle this, and not only is it completely sustainable in a closed-loop cycle, but it is also re-inventing the way to apply mascara, so it is a better user experience."

This was the fourth Global Grad Show and this year hosted 100 universities from 61 nationalities, brought together in a single space and presented to the public by the designers themselves.

In fact, the Guardian states that the show is;

“The grad show to end all grad shows, featuring the cream of the crop from all over the globe.”

Find out more about Pippa’s design and the Grad Show here.