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9 Oct 2018

Professor Ena Voûte visits Design School.

Ena Voûte, Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology visited the Loughborough Design School; to understand more about the School, talk to students and staff about the future of Design and see the facilities that the School has to offer.

The current Dean of Loughborough Design School, Professor Cees de Bont, was her preceding Dean at TU Delft, and they have both worked together during their career in industry at Phillips. With commonalities in their past and present experiences, they also have a shared vision for the evolution of design.

Prof. Voûte studied Industrial Design at Delft and carried out her graduation project on innovative packaging at Unilever in the UK. The focus of the school is specifically on the human side, how to align people and technology with each other and subsequently to see whether the design is also commercially feasible. The key areas of the Design Faculty at Delft are a balance between Business, Technology and People, and these themes run throughout in the School’s curriculum as well as their research areas. The research areas are structured in departments of Strategic Design, Design Engineering and Design for Interaction, and the research work that is undertaken reflects this balance of business, technology and people.

Ena presented a talk, during her visit, on the development of their Industrial Design course at TU Delft, and how they want to equip their designers with the right tools to create vision and inspire others about what the future of design holds.

She stated “We want to create designers who are responsible, sustainable and inclusive. We inspire students to create designs that matter; integrating design and knowledge.”

The vision for design of both Cees de Bont and Ena Voûte are very similar, and a common understanding that technology, society and people’s needs are developing.  There is an exchange agreement for students from both Schools as well as many areas for future collaboration, including design for healthcare, design for sustainability, usability and user experience.  

Cees commenting “We live in the same world – we have a common understanding that design is evolving, and education is continuously developing. We are moving with developments in society; creating world class designers of the future”