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27 Mar 2018

Design School Des Res Conference 2018

DesRes, the Design School’s annual PhD Research Conference was held on 22nd March.

The conference was a combined celebration of second and third year students presenting their work, first year students producing posters to illustrate their work, and an opportunity for students and staff to discuss the research topics.

The day was open to all staff and students, with a full day of presentations and an opportunity at lunchtime to socialise with other PhD students and supervisors. At the end of the day the presentations took place for the top posters and presentations. The winners for 2018 were:

For their presentations:

  • Anna West
  • Alex Kunze
  • Michael Harry
  • Victor Jeganathan

For their posters:

  • Micheal Lawes
  • Josh Arnold
  • Karin Boers
  • Cecilia Landa-Avila


Congratulations to all.