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13 Mar 2018

Research into clothing layers for babies carried in a sling

Davide Filingeri has been working with the Parenting Science Gang (PSG); a citizen science project in the United Kingdom funded by the Wellcome Trust. The group links parents, gathered in Facebook groups around a specific interest, with researchers who help them design and carry out experiments.

Davide, an environmental physiologist at Loughborough Design School was involved with the group to help answer the debated question about the layers of clothing that are needed to keep babies carried in a sling comfortable but avoiding overheating.  There is "surprisingly little evidence" behind advice to give a baby "one extra layer of clothing" beyond what an adult would wear, Filingeri says. His role was to help translate the mothers' idea into a robust experimental design to measure babies' temperature variations in different conditions. This ongoing study will include about 15 mother-baby pairs and will include testing with sensors to measure temperature variations when a baby is carried by an adult doing light exercise.

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