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12 Nov 2018

Alumni Dan Dicker returns to Loughborough to lead lecture.

Since graduating 25 years ago with a BSc in Industrial Design and Technology, Dan went to work as a designer for Dyson before starting his own company in 2003 ashortwalk, a company that doesn't believe in waste and creates products from recycled materials.

From tide clocks made from beach plastic to house numbers that were once plant pots, Dan and his team – who are based in Cornwall and are just ‘a short walk’ away from the sea – have created a wide range of products from redundant materials; and work with global firms such as McDonalds, Unilever and Heineken to close the loop on their waste through new and considered products.

Dan’s talk at the University will demonstrate the interdisciplinary approach needed between Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Design in developing goods from waste.

Attendees will also get a preview of the rCup, ashortwalk’s latest product and ‘the world’s first cup made from used cups’, which will be available in the retail outlets on campus from next week.

Dan said: “It’s nearly 25 years on from my Loughborough days and it’s great to be coming back to where my passion for design all started.   

“With increasing global pressures on our environment, that passion has increased as closed loop and circular economy design solutions start to show the world how today’s waste must be used for tomorrow’s product before it’s quite literally too late.”

The lecture, which is open to staff, students and members of the public, will take place on Tuesday 13 November from 6pm-7pm in Lecture Theatre U020, Brockington Extension Building. Book your place here.