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8 Oct 2018

What are crisp packets made of?

As an expert in sustainable packaging design, Dr Rhoda Trimingham was approached by the BBC for her insight on how crisp packets are made and their sustainability, for a feature on the One Show, (broadcast on Friday 5th October). 

Dr Trimingham is a senior lecturer at the Design School and is a member of the Sustainable Design Reseach Group. Her research interests lie in sustainable design generally, but specifically developing methods and tools for designers, design education and moving from products to services and systems as well as a keen interest in sustainable packaging.

During the filming at the Design School, she highlights to Lucy Siegle that crisps are a difficult product to package; the packets are made up of different layers of plastic, each having a different property to keep the crisps fresh, which makes them very difficult to recycle.

The feature is avilable to watch on here.