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5 Oct 2018

CIEHF White Paper Launch

The CIEHF (Chartered Institute for Ergonomics and Human Factors) has launched the white paper "Human Factors for Health & Social Care" at an event held yesterday identifying a vision for integrating Human Factors in Health and Social Care.

The purpose of the paper is to embed sustainable system-level improvements by providing authoritative guidance on how human factors should be used. It highlights the aptitude and experience needed to manage effort, solve problems and make decisions – describing how human factors can bring depth and clarity of understanding to Health and Social Care issues.

Sue Hignett, Professor of Healthcare Ergonomics & Patient Safety from Loughborough Design School is one of the experts who has created the paper, which has then been agreed by review, and launched, so that these guidelines are published for general use.

The paper is aimed at Health and Social Care managers, leads, commissioners and regulators. The White Paper for Human Factors in Health & Social Care Launch event was held at the Royal Society of Medicine hosted by the chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. Those invited to the launch are those who will be able to put the guidelines into practice, and include representatives from the NHS, NHS Improvement, HSIB (Healthcare Service Investigation Bureau) and social care and clinical groups.

A copy of the paper is available to download from the CIEHF