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13 Aug 2018

Design School alumni launch London’s first phone charging network

Design School Alumni Forrest Skerman-Stevenson and Charlie Baron, who both graduated in 2016, are behind ChargedUp, a company established alongside graduates from Exeter University. The company has developed a network of charger vending stations across London, aiming to tackle low battery life across the city.

The chargers run wholly on green energy, thanks to a partnership with Ecotricity. They are also compatible with both Apple and Samsung devices.

Users can discover the location of the vending stations via the ChargedUp app, as well as the number of chargers available. Much like London’s infamous Boris Bikes, for a small fee people can use these chargers for as long as necessary. They can then be returned to another station of the user’s choice.  

The launch sees 40 stations go live this month across London. The company hopes to increase that number to over 1000 by the end of 2018. This includes charger stations in popular restaurants and bars across London’s many high streets and at popular tourist attractions.

Charlie graduated with a degree in Management Sciences and Design School graduate Forrest who graduated in Industrial Design & Technology in 2016. They have previously launched their own design agency called InDemand Design.

You can download the ChargedUp app online, and to find out more information you can visit the ChargedUp website. If you are interested in supporting their next round of investment funding, please contact Charlie Baron.