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26 Oct 2018

Alumni exhibit at London Design Biennale.

Two Design School graduates showcase their work Refugees' Pavillion Inspiration through Creation’.

Adrian Jankowiak and David Stretton-Downes have pooled their design knowledge through their recent exhibit at the London Design Biennale held last month. 

The pair’s work featured co-operation with a number of current and former refugees. It aims to tell a story of survival through creativity, as designers across the world aim to tackle a growing number of issues facing refugees.

The Biennale, held at Somerset House in Covent Garden, is an annual showcase of international design and its impact on everyday life. This year’s event, which ran from 4-23 September under the theme ‘Emotional States’, saw representatives from 40 countries, cities and territories present their work.

Project Lead Designer Adrian, graduated in 2010 from the Design School with a B.Sc. in Industrial Design and Technology, now runs the Nairobi Design Week. The annual festival celebrates the role of African design in tackling social, economic and cultural issues on the continent and promotes it worldwide.

David, who also graduated in the same year with a B.Sc. in Product Design and Technology, is the founder and Creative Director of Vidan Lawnes, a London-based creative design agency. 

During the Biennale, the pair also joined forces to create the #LabelledHuman campaign, which encourages empathy with refugees and the avoidance of labels in society.

See more about the Refugee’s Pavilion here.

Congratulations to you both on all your success so far.