What's happening

26 Oct 2018

Discussion consortium - the future of design.

A team of leading academics and design industry specialists came together this month at Loughborough Design School, to share their opinions on the future of design.

The innovative discussion group was brought together and invited to the School by the Dean of Loughborough Design School, Professor Cees de Bont. The School has a focus on developing key design areas in Digital Fabrication, Human Factors, Design Experience and Safety, and gathering information and opinions from external design experts is particularly significant.

Cees de Bont commented,

“It is important for Loughborough Design School to develop plans that resonate well with our external partners.

He added

“We take pride in having such an excellent mix of first-class design academics and practitioners that we engage with.”

The discussion group brought together a range of different backgrounds and expertise, including human factors and design, healthcare design, ergonomics and UX design. The discussion mainly focused on the School’s quadrennial review, how to develop on the School’s successes, expertise and its distinct qualities, plus discussing the future and emerging opportunities.

This creative collaboration was to an opportunity to informally discuss ideas in an open forum. The discussion was held at Loughborough Design School, an internationally recognised centre for design and as an educational institution; the springboard for the designers of the future.

With regular meetings and discussions, this successful network of design professionals will benefit from one another’s expertise and create an environment for voicing future ideas for design.