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2 May 2018

2018 Degree Show - Running across 4 days, the Degree Show will showcase design projects from our final year undergraduate students.

About this event

Over the years our annual degree show has presented some of the best examples of final year design talent in the country - 2018 will continue our success. Running across 4 days, the degree show will showcase Design projects from all our finalists from three undergraduate courses.

There are exciting opportunities for business members, alumni, members of the public, family members and secondary schools to come and see what we do best.  Have a look below to see the schedule for each day and details on admissions.


Thursday 14 June

10am-3pm Public Admittance

3pm-7pm Alumni Event (Invitation Only)


Friday 15 June

10am-3pm School Event (Closed to the public, please contact us if you would like your school to attend)

3pm-7pm Public Admittance


Saturday 16 June

10am-4pm Public Admittance

6pm-10pm Family Event (Invitation only)


Monday 18 June

10am-3pm Business event (Invitation Only)

3pm-7pm Public Admittance (Business guests may attend from the morning session)


Our students have had close involvement organising, designing and marketing the degree show. We have been working closely with a volunteer team of finalists ensuring that the 2018 Degree Show represents their views and talents as effectively as possible.  This has given our students valuable experience working with university staff and our team of graphic designers.

Launched alongside the degree will be our annual Degree Show publication, a book containing work from our final year students and further information about how Loughborough produces the most employable design graduates in the country.  The finalists maintained a strong influence on the design of the book to make sure that it represented them individually and collectively as a group.

To register your interest for getting your hands on an issue, please contact us via the link below.


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