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2 Nov 2017

The Plastics Problem

Shrimp shells and algae are just two of the natural materials scientists are working on to develop more sustainable types of plastic.

Dr Rhoda Trimingham, a senior lecturer in design and technology at the University of Loughborough, worries that bioplastics may simply help to perpetuate the disposable culture at the root of our waste crisis.

Where they allow a radical rethink of how we deliver goods they’re hugely welcome she says – soluble pods that allow washing products to be delivered in concentrate form, for example, can save energy and materials.

Dr Rhoda Trimingham said “It doesn’t matter what you do with it at the end of its life – you’re putting energy in at the beginning to create it. We should be looking at refills and we should be looking at systems. And we should be looking at longer-lasting products.”


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Thumbnail Photograph: Steve De Neef/Getty Images