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10 Oct 2017

School Professor to give inaugural lecture about the health & safety of healthcare

Sue Hignett is a professor of healthcare ergonomics and patient safety.


Design School Colleague Professor Sue Hignett is presenting her inaugural lecture about making people more aware of the health & safety aspects of healthcare.

Professor Hignett has been a part of the school for a number of years, and across her career she has published over 150 peer reviewed papers on a wide range of issues.

In this lecture Professor Hignett will discuss how to get into an ambulance, go to the toilet in hospital, prepare for an operation, replace a hip joint and finally find belongings after a CBRN incident.

These are all examples of interactions between people (workers and patients) and ‘things’. The science of Human Factors (Ergonomics) is used to analyse and design ‘systems’ and ‘things’ to support people to succeed within their capabilities and limitations.

This helps to create user-friendly devices, environments, and systems and supports safer healthcare. 


Booking information:

Lecture theatre LDS 0.17

18th October 2017

At 5pm (4:30pm for refreshments).

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