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11 Apr 2017

Loughborough Design School students shortlisted for RSA Student Design Awards.

Three of our current final year students: Nerissa Arviana Prawiro, Philippa Bridges and Chris Davies have been shortlisted for the prestigious RSA Student Design Awards.

Three Loughborough Design School students have passed the first phase of the competition and will advance to the final stage of judging. This stage involves an interview process upon which shortlisted candidates have the opportunity to discuss their competition entry alongside some of their other work to the judging panel.

Final year Industrial Design and Technology BA students were given the option to answer one of the four different design briefs selected: ‘The Good Life 2.0’, ‘Circular Futures’,  ‘#HackOnWheels' and ‘Learning for Life’ as part of their Industrial Design Studies 3 final year module.

The students were then encouraged to enter the RSA Student Design Awards, with a select group being sponsored by The Design School. Philippa was shortlisted for design brief ‘Circular Futures’, Chris for ‘#HackOnWheels’ and Nerissa for ‘The Good Life 2.0’.

Module leader Dr Carolina Escobar-Tello commented “We’ve seen fantastic work of excellent quality and a very high standard again. The average for the 2nd submission is quite high at 65%” 

We wish all the shortlisted candidates the best of luck in the next phase of the competition.

For more information about the RSA Student Design Awards click here