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28 Nov 2017

Loughborough Design School and Hong Kong MBA Business Lab run international UXathon

Business Lab MBA students from Hong Kong University and mentors from Deloitte Digital (UK) took part in a cross-discipline UXathon, with Loughborough Design School students, on Saturday 25 November 2017. Design school students in small teams acted as the design agency, collaborating with a HKU team, to unpack where digital design could enhance the user experience of an MBA start-up business concept. In five hours, the Design School students developed branding, graphic design, app and service concepts, and guidance on product strategy from a user centred perspective.

Preparations for the event started the week before, with forty Design School students being grouped into User Experience (UX) agencies and meeting their clients - MBA students from the Business Lab programme at Hong Kong University (The Economist’s #1 MBA in Asia). Throughout the week, UX agencies and clients met virtually to refine briefings, discuss deliverables and exchange preliminary research results. 

On Saturday, after a Skype call with Hong Kong, the teams scattered across the Design School to work through their briefings, supported by Deloitte Digital and Design School mentors. Despite an eight-hour difference, the Hong Kong teams remained connected beyond midnight (Hong Kong time), providing on-going support and to watch their agencies’ presentations via Skype. Awards for Best Prototype, Concept, Client Relationship and Branding were delivered by a panel of judges from Loughborough Design School and Deloitte Digital.

Pedro Eloy, chairman of the United Nations’ Young Entrepreneurs Taskforce (YET) and head of the Business Lab, said that, “This year’s proposals surpassed all expectations”.

Feedback from participating students was extremely positive, with “real client briefings”, “being able to talk to a real client” and the “rush” from having a tight deadline being top among their comments.

The UXathon was co-organized by Val Mitchell, Carolina Escobar-Tello, André Brito and Garrath Wilson from the Design School, and Pedro Eloy, HKU MBA Sachin Tipnis, Josephine Chan and Hoki Chan from Hong Kong University.  Mentorship/collaboration was provided by Divyen Sanganee and Sam Dempsey from Deloitte Digital, the YET and the United Nations ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN).

More information and pictures of the event.