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11 Dec 2017

Loughborough Alumni at Dubai Motor Show

Since completing his PhD at Loughborough Design School Mostafa Al-Dah has gone on to great success.

Mostafa is the Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder of Shaali Motorsports, and the company unveiled the Shaali N360 roadster at the 2017 Dubai Motor Show. Mostafa led on the car’s engineering – this premium sports car is the first track car made in United Arab Emirates, boasts a custom-built 1.4litre four-cylinder engine with 360 horsepower output at 10,000 rpm.

Mostafa graduated in 2004 with a degree in Automotive Materials, and continued at Loughborough Design School to study for a PhD in Transport Safety, graduating in 2010.

He then worked at the University’s Design School as a Product Design Engineer and later a Collision Investigator, which equipped him with knowledge in additive manufacturing technology and how cars behaved under stress. For more information and photographs, see here.