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5 Jun 2017

94% of our 2017 graduates are in employment or further study

Figures from the Destination of Leavers from Higher Education (DLHE) data shows the School's 2017 undergraduate graduates are doing very well in securing employment or further study places post graduation. 

Annually the Higher Education Statistics Agency survey asks higher education leavers what they are doing 6 months after graduation.  This survey looks at jobs attained, calibre of job role and includes those who have gone on to further study. 

The latest figures show that 94% of Design School graduates from 2017 are in employment or further study.

In addition this information also highlights the percentage of students graduating in 2017 who employment or further study, from specific courses: 

Product Design & Technology BSc 94%

Industrial Design & Technology BA 95%

Ergonomics (Human Factors) BSc 95%

Design Ergonomics BSc 100%