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10 Apr 2017

Design School hosts 7th annual DesRes conference

The annual Design School Research Conference, also known as DesRes, took place this year on 6 April. The conference was an opportunity for our Post Graduate Research students to showcase their work and share ideas with other students and researchers.

The first year PhD students created posters detailing their research and the second and third year students gave presentations of their work.

The day was a success with a total of 10 research posters displayed and 28 presentations. DesignStar students were also invited to come along to the conference to have a look at what other postgraduate design students are up to.

After a full day, the conference came to a finish with a prize presentation.

The winners for the best posters being:

  1. Rui Leitao - Gamification and ocean literacy in early secondary education
  2. Michael Harry - Investigating the interaction between the human body and vehicle seats
  3. Alexander Kunze - Interface Design for Vehicles Equipped with Automated Driving Systems

The winners for the best presentations:

  1. Margherita Raccuglia – From clothing to humans: which textile parameters influence skin wetness perception?
  2. Nicole Coull – Thermal sensitivity to warm and cold: an age comparison
  3. Emily Corrigan Doyle – Exploring art therapy techniques within service design as a means of greater home life happiness

Director of the PhD programmes, Andrew May commented ‘The students look forward to this each year, and the standard is always high. It is great to see the range of PhDs being undertaken in the Design School. Thank you to all the students, and the staff who helped out on the day.’

Congratulations to all PhD students who took part!

Pictured above is the opening address by Prof. Richard Bibb, Associate Dean for Research.