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15 Feb 2016

Visiting Professor James Goodwin

Loughborough Design School is delighted to introduce Professor James Goodwin as a visiting Professor.

Professor Goodwin has been a visiting scientist to the Met Office for over 10 years, holds a Visiting Chair in the Physiology of Ageing at Loughborough University and is a Honorary Professor in the Medical School at Exeter University.

After 15 years in the university sector he was appointed Head of Research at the Help the Aged in 2002, then Director of Research at Age UK in 2009 and will be Chief Scientist from April 2016. 

During his time with us he will be contributing to Professor George Havenith's HeatShield project. 

Professor Goodwin has been involved with Loughborough University for many years and his expertise and experience will be a significant asset to the School.

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome him to the School and look forward to working with him.