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3 Nov 2016

Design School PhD researcher wins Best Poster

Victor Jeganathan, PhD researcher at the Design School was awarded Best Poster at Loughborough University Research Conference 2016 for his poster titled ‘‘Helping Visually Impaired Children Run Independently Around A Running Track’’.

As the title suggests the poster is to investigate how best to aid children to run independently around a running track, and it was made very early on in the PhD. It was designed to highlight the issues the PhD faces and how the problem was going to be tackled.

Victor chose to format his poster as a comic ‘almost out of necessity’ as in his area of research working with vulnerable kids, no photos can be taken and shown to the public. By using comics he could at least put a face to these people rather than just having a wall of text. He says ‘‘It also seemed like the most obvious way to convey the story behind the PhD, especially with children at its core’’.

Victor's PhD is funded through the Design Star Consortium and he currently sits in both the HEPSU- Healthcare Ergonomics and Patient Safety Unit, and the Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre.

Victor acknowledges that there is a hint of irony that a comic about blind children has won the award, however the poster was made to inform people of his work and get them thinking and starting discussions about visual impairment. He is looking into podcasting which he says seems more in line with the community he is engaging with.

Victor tells us ‘‘It was mostly a surprise that I won, I presumed because the poster was so radically different it wouldn’t meet the judging criteria to be accepted.’’

He adds that ‘‘In a couple of months I should have some very interesting results, which will probably mean I need to invent a whole new comic at some point.’’

Victor’s poster won top prize of £150 at the conference on the 31-October out of 36 other entries.

Congratulations Victor, we can’t wait to see the next one!

Victor’s full poster can be found here