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29 Jan 2016

PhD success for Steph Eaves

We are pleased to announce that Steph Eaves has successfully defended her PhD thesis titled 'Building the healthy construction worker through better workplace design’, subject to corrections.

Steph looked into understanding the knowledge and experience construction workers have of their health and wellbeing at work, harnessing ideas they have to improve the design of their jobs and workplaces and using this to facilitate healthy ageing in the industry.

Her PhD, which was done between October 2012 and January 2016, was supervised by Dr Diane Gyi and Prof. Alistair Gibb.

Steph has recently started a new job at AREVA RMC as a Human Factors Consultant. She is hoping to really progress in her position there, develop her Human Factors skills in practice and gain substantial practical experience in the field.

Congratulations Steph!