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30 Jun 2016

Design School Wins Another Starpack Award at Awards Presentation

Loughborough Design School wins the Eric Dickens Memorial Award at this year’s Starpack Awards Presentation in London 19-June 2016. The award was presented by The Packaging Society to the institution which most effectively promotes education in packaging design.

This follows on from the success the students had when entering The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) Starpack competition earlier on in the year, where they responded to different packaging briefs. The students must respond to one of the briefs as part of their 1st year Industrial Design Studies module led by George Torrens. They are given insights into branding and packaging as well as support with their designs and encouragement to enter the Starpack competition.

George Torrens, module leader said:

 “The module provides intensive introduction to the theory of social psychology associated with product branding, with a grounding given in presentation techniques, computer aided design as well as physical sketch modelling. This has enabled the new students to show their talent at a national level. Nick Johnson, our Gold winner, had completed the module two years ago.”

Overall our students won 51 out of the 182 prizes available.

The briefs are now set for 2017 entries and we hope to continue the success we had in 2016.