What's happening

8 Feb 2016

New Design School Computer lab

New Design School Computer lab set to open Monday 8 February.

During the past few weeks room LDS 1.39 has been a hive of activity as the installation of the new computer lab has got underway. The new lab, equipped with 43 iMacs, is now finished and ready for its debut.

The lab is a result of collaboration between Loughborough Design School and the School of Arts. As of Monday 8 February it will be available as an open access IT lab resource for Loughborough Design School students. The School of Arts have timetabled the lab for teaching from week 3 of Semester 2. Outside of the timetabled teaching hours the lab will be available for use by both Loughborough Design School and School of Arts students.

 Due to compatibility issues the computers will be running OSX, with a view to explore the use of windows dual boot during the summer. The Design school IT department would like to take this opportunity to remind students of the university code of Practice for computer labs