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6 Oct 2016

Crowdfunding Needed to Produce Second System Safety Animation


Help support Design School Lecturer Thomas Jun with his crowdfunding campaign to produce a second animation film on system safety.

The animation will be called ‘‘No more Avoidable Deaths from Accidents, Two Contrasting Futures’’, and its crowdfunding page has already raised over £3200 of the £11000 target.

Academic lead of the project Thomas Jun is a lecturer and researcher in human factors and complex systems at the Design School. He was particularly saddened by the terrible South Korea Ferry accident in 2014 because he says like so many other accidents, it could have been avoided. 

Therefore Thomas and his team produced their first animation called ‘‘Two Contrasting Views of the South Korea Ferry Accident’’. It was created to share important research insights about how systems usually fail, with the widest possible audience and in the most engaging, and concise way. It received more than 15,000 views worldwide and was praised highly.

''It’s very, very good. Clear, brilliantly produced and thought-provoking.''

Steve Evans, BBC's Seoul Correspondent, South Korea

The second animation ‘‘Two Contrasting Futures’’ will provide an essential guide to policy making, public debate and social action for safety improvement. It will be a powerful education/communication tool for safety professionals by showing what a safe and resilient system would look like, and how the latest research from human factors and safety systems engineering can make complex systems safer and prevent avoidable deaths.

Thomas is working with a team from Loughborough University on this project, the project’s academic advisers; Dr Patrick Waterson and Prof Roger Haslam also from the Design School, and the creative director Dr Man Park who has a PhD in Animation and New Media Arts.

The animation is intended to be released online to be used for free in education.

Help Support Thomas

Crowdfunding site:

First Animation ''Two Contrasting Views of the South Korea Ferry Accident'':

Campaign Update 

Thomas has now reached his campaign's target of £11,000. This is due to £5,730 being raised on the crowdfunding site, and the help of a matched funding from the University.

Congratulations Thomas, we are looking forward to seeing the second animation!