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15 Jan 2016

BIDA 2015 survey results - Loughborough Design School graduates voted most employable in the UK.

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The British Industrial Design Association (BIDA) invited over 1000 design practitioners to take part in their 2015 survey which had the simple question:

“Which design schools create the most employable Ba, BSc or BDes industrial or practical design graduates?”

From a list of the current 70 design institutions in the UK, respondents to the survey selected up to five design schools. We were proud to discover that Loughborough came top.  

Dean of School, Professor George Havenith said , “At Loughborough we pride ourselves on the high calibre of graduates we produce.  We work hard at the Design School to ensure all our students leave Loughborough with all the skills, knowledge and experience they need to succeed in their chosen careers. This survey is testament to that.”

Of the survey results the BIDA said ‘The difference between the top five institutions and the other 62 was stark. Half were not chosen at all, and a further quarter of institutions were selected only once or twice’.

Read the full story from BIDA

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