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30 Sep 2015

First year student wins Student Packaging Designer of the Year

Chloe Poulter from the Design School has been named UK Student Packaging Designer of the Year, in an annual competition to find the best and brightest packaging innovators.

The competition, run by WatchMeThink, involves consumers being interviewed about products for research and design development. A set of briefs are then created for individuals to submit their ideas.

Having never taken part in a design competition before, Chloe was inspired to enter the ‘One handed’ category of the WatchMeThink brief due to its challenging nature. The criteria included the redesign of a common consumer package for people to use one handed.

Chloe’s design directly addresses the growing awareness of faults with condom packaging, particularly in third world countries.

The idea surrounding Chloe’s design is that the package harder to tamper with, uses less foil composite hence is easier to recycle and, can still be sold in long reels like they currently are in developing countries.

Chloe won first place with Chloe receiving £2,000 in prize money and the condom packaging redesign has already sparked the interest of some Design for Health researchers.