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6 Jun 2015

Design School Graduate achieves Kickstarter target in just over 30 days

Forrest Skerman- Stevenson, BA Industrial Design and Technology graduate, and colleague George Baron, BSc Management Sciences graduate, achieve funding target to launch their product- premium customisable leather wallets.

The product was launched under their brand Isolana London on Kickstarter, a platform used to gain funding for creative projects, on May 1st 2015. Impressively it reached its target in just over 30 days. The campaign successfully raised £11,006 with 190 backers.

The wallet combines customisation with craftsmanship to create something completely unique and can be found on sale via the Isolana London website.

They are handmade in London using the finest Italian leather and aim to bring the freedom of creativity to the individual, who can design and personalise their wallets by uploading photos, and initials that are embossed into the leather.

Forrest, talked about the funding experience:

‘‘Looking back at this, it was a great experience of both business and design and was something I was very interested in following.’’

Colleague George said:

‘‘We tried to make sure every detail was perfect before launching, a mentality Loughborough has instilled.’’

Supporters could pledge as little as £1 and there were discounts offered to those who backed the project.