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28 Jan 2014

Commercial sustainable design

However, despite this there is little evidence of this happening as part of mainstream activity.  It is well established that information provision (both in nature and mode of communication) is a key shortfall for mainstream designers who wish to engage in responsible design practices such as ecodesign, sustainable design, inclusive design and socially responsible design. This suggests a gap in our knowledge of this area.

The aim of the proposed PhD is to better understand the information requirements of industrial designers who wish to engage in more sustainable and responsible design by building on current knowledge, and working with practicing designers to further investigate their needs.  It will build on the previous research of the supervisory team to provide a much clearer understanding of the information requirements of industrial designers wishing to engage in more responsible product design. This information will provide theoretical grounding upon which to orientate information provision for designers. 

If you are a UK or EU resident, there may be a full studentship available to support this PhD. All potential applicants should contact Dr Vicky Lofthouse asap in the first instance:,    tel.  01509 222777.