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24 Jul 2014

Design School Graduate wins RSA competition

Congratulations to Phillip Jackson on winning the award for the most innovative product of the year from the Royal Society of Arts competition for his innovative redesign of a stoma bag.

The award seeks out to brief designers with the challenge of redesigning the toilet. Phillips answer to the brief was a stoma bag that collects waste from the body after a colostomy or ileostomy operation.

Phil sought out to redesign the stigma attached with stoma bags as part of the Industrial Design Studies module that runs throughout the final year studies on BA Industrial Design. He submitted his work to the RSA competition on the recommendation from Steve Summerskill, one of our lecturers in the Design School, based on the level of innovation of his concept.

Phillip, who recently graduated with a first class honors degree in BA Industrial Design, is keen to further develop the concept and bring it onto the market. We are very pleased with the outcome of the competition and are excited to see Phillip's future innovations.

Well done Phil!

For more information on Phillips award please click here.