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15 Aug 2014

Suzy Shelley - AVO fish tank

Suzy, who is in the Design School and currently in the process of completing a PhD research project, is close to launching the only tropical fish tank that requires no filter cleaning or water changes.

Suzy, who graduated from the Design School with first-class honours in 2011, was inspired from her own experience of tropical fish keeping.   Avo is the result of three years of research and development and 18 months’ testing: “I’ve kept fish for years and found it a steep learning curve” said Suzy.   “A well-maintained tank is the key to healthy fish, but this means frequent water changes, cleaning smelly filters and algae build up.   I wanted to design something that takes the stress out of keeping tropical fish, to make it a simple, beautiful and above all enjoyable experience,” she added.

For more information about Susy and AVO, please use the following link:  AVO Fish Tank