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19 Nov 2014

Australian fellowships for two Design School staff

Australian fellowships for two Design School staff

Endeavour Research Fellowships are internationally competitive, merit-based fellowships provided by the Australian Government that support citizens of the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake research programmes in Australia ( Weblink is as follows: Endeavour Research Fellowships ).

With regards to Davide's proposed research programme, he will use the fellowship to investigate the physiological mechanisms responsible for the impaired body temperature regulation which is observed in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.  This research programme will be conducted at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, in collaboration with Dr Ollie Jay, a renowned expert in human temperature regulation.

Victoria's proposed research programme aims to investigate the experience of older passengers ( over the age of 65 years ) within transport crowds ( airports and rail stations ), in order to provide stakeholders with appropriate guidance on how to enhance user experience.   The research will be performed at the University of New South Wales, within the School of Aviation, collaborating with Professor Ann Williamson ( starting March 2015 ).