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Degree show

The Degree Show is an annual exhibition showcasing our finalists' work. It usually runs for 5 days at the beginning of June each year. It is a fantastic opportunity for potential employers, friends, family, industry and members of the public to see the projects which have been produced by our finalists and speak to them about their products and experience.

The Show is accompanied by a book which highlights each students' work through photographs, CAD renders and text.

The entire show and publicity materials are organised and created by a team of final year student volunteers, working with members of staff, to produce something which they feel reflects their experience and the way in which they would like to promote their products.  

This is a fantastic way for our students to develop event organisation, marketing, sales and graphic design skills in addition to their academic work. If you would like to receive one of these books, please contact

2018 Show


Thursday 14 June

10am-3pm Public Admittance

 Friday 15 June

3pm-7pm Public Admittance

 Saturday 16 June

10am-4pm Public Admittance

 Monday 18 June

3pm-7pm Public admittance 


Special events


Thursday 14 June

3pm-7pm Alumni Event (Invitation Only)

 Friday 15 June

10am-3pm School Event (Closed to the public, please contact us if you would like your school to attend)

 Saturday 16 June

6pm-10pm Family Event (Invitation Only)

 Monday 18 June

10am-3pm Business Event (Invitation Only, guests may also attend the afternoon puplic session afterwards)

If you would like more information about these special events including how to book, please contact us

Degree show books

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