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Victor Jeganathan Foundations of Engineering (Brunel University) Product Design BSc (Brunel University) Ergonomics with Inclusive Design MSs (Loughborough University)

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PhD Student

Victor holds and BSc in Product Design from Brunel University and a MSc in Ergonomic and Inclusive Design from Loughborough University.

After graduating from Brunel University for 3 years Victor has been a freelance graphic designer. After this he did an MSc in Ergonomics and Inclusive Design, leading into working as a lab assistant working under Dr Mike Fray and being funded by a Loughborough Entrepreneurial grant to build equipment that would aid visually impaired children to run in a safe environment. It was through this work that led to further funding via Design Star to further develop this work in the form of a PhD.

Much of his most recent work has been lab work helping in various clients orientated projects for Loughborough in patient handling and product testing. Now his PhD focuses on developing a sport tools for visually impaired children.

Research group: Healthcare Ergonomics and Patient Safety Unit (HEPSU), Design Star

Victor is currently undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University with a key interest in inclusive design in sports especially with the visually impaired. The aim of his research is to explore the possibility of navigating young visually impaired children around a flat running track at a fast pace with particular interest in navigating them around bends.

Allowing visually impaired children to run unassisted around a running track

Key areas of expertise: Product Design, Inclusive Design, Ergonomics, Graphic Design, Visual Impairment