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Suhaiza Hanim Suroya

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PhD Student

Suhaiza holds a Master of Art & Design with a specialisation in Visual Communication and New Media. Since then, she serves as a lecturer of Graphic Design & Digital Media in Faculty of Art & Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia from the year 2009. She also has a background in Business Administration (Hons) in Marketing, 2004. 

 Suhaiza’s PhD involves the study of typography in dyslexia multicultural perspectives and sponsored by the Ministry of Education Malaysia, 2019.

Visual communication design and typography.
Dyslexia and learning disabilities.

Suroya, S. and Al-Samarraie, H. (2016). Gender differences in the visual prediction of dyslexia. In: 2nd IEEE International Conference on Human Computer Interactions. pp. 120–123.

Title: Typographical Factors in Legibility and Readability: Dyslexia as Multicultural Perspective

People with dyslexia are known to experience difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling due to neurobiological conditions that make them learn differently. The study aims to understand and compare the multi-diverse cultural background of dyslexia on typography and its legibility, which is an important component in reading. Additionally, the appearance of typography varies in cross-cultural languages. Visual design stimulations in the scope of typographic parameters along with the use of eye-tracking device will be utilized to the experimental study. 

View the DesRes 2020 online proceedings here.

Graphic Design, Visual Communication, Advertising, Typography