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PhD student Simon Murray, from Stannington, Northumberland, UK, is currently looking at accident causation in the marine industry with a view to focusing on human error and organizational factors.  His research aims to investigate causes of human error within the shipping sector, consider techniques for assessing human error in accidents and review current accident investigation techniques in the shipping industry.

Simon began his higher education as a mature student at Newcastle University in 1988 with a B.Eng (Hons) in Marine Engineering.  In 2012, he completed an M.Sc in Safety and Risk Management at Heriot Watt University. His dissertation was titled ‘A Proposed Technique to Identify Human and Organisational Factors in Accident Investigations in the Marine Industry’.

He commenced his PhD at Loughborough Design School in July 2014 and is self-funded.  His current research interests are around shipping legislation, human and organizational factors and accident causation. 

Simon is currently Chief Operating Officer of a shipping company.

Reducing Human Error in the Shipping Industry