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Sarah-Anne de Kremer

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PhD Student

Sarah-Anne graduated from the BSc Ergonomics (Human Factors Design) course at Loughborough University in June 2013.   The focus of her dissertation was to investigate the problems drivers face when following road signs and road markings when driving through supermarket car parks.

As part of the BSc Ergonomics course, Sarah-Anne spent one year working as a Research Assistant for the Human Factors Research Group at The University of Nottingham, in order to gain the Diploma in Professional Studies award. She was involved in research carried out by the Human Factors Research Group looking into the impact of the use of in-vehicle touchscreen technology on driving performance.

The focus of her PhD is to investigate how mobile phone apps might be used to evaluate the extent to which users are switching to sustainable modes of transport and evaluate, within Leicestershire, the effectiveness of some interventions run by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund to encourage people to choose sustainable methods of transport.   It will also focus on establishing the ways it might be most effective to present data on users’ travel behaviour back to the users of the app.

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Local Sustainable Transport Fund: an evaluation of travel behaviour change using digital technologies